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Pros of using Granite and Marble

Natural stone is one of the most durable surfaces available. When correctly fabricated and installed, it lasts a lifetime. This durability, combined with the natural beauty of stone,makes it the material of choice. Top reasons why natural stone is the right choice:

Natural stone adds value and character to your property

A natural product carries its own grace due to its grandeur and magnificence. One reason that stone is so popular is the availability of rich colors and beautiful swirling patterns that can only be found in nature. Synthetic, or man-made, materials are unable to successfully mimic this quality. The shading and unique specks of color found in granite and marble simply can simply not be recreated.

Natural stone is environmentally friendly

Natural stone has innate characteristics that make it a green, or environmentally-friendly, building material. As man-made materials wear and begin to breakdown over time, they end up in already crowded landfills. Because of stone's durability and ability to be reused, it is considered a much more eco-friendly choice than synthetic materials. Whenchoosing decor for your home, keep in mind that many natural materials are easy on the environment. Natural stone products don't incorporate pollutants such as solvents,resigns, CVC's and other harsh toxins that can harm the environment.

Natural Stone is decorative

When natural materials are incorporated into a space, they have a characteristic that is unique to them. Natural can be very contemporary, elegant and always timeless.

Natural stone is one of a kind.

Natural materials are rich, classic and sensual products. If you want to add custom touches to your home, office or garden, natural materials are the way to go. Even if your neighbor has a granite bench, yours is guaranteed to look different. Every piece has its own identity and character because it isn't mass-produced. People understand when they choose natural products that it truly is a unique piece of art that they are installing.

Natural stone is timeless and durable

As people are investing more and more in their living spaces, they want products that stand the test of time. Natural materials last for decades and add character to your environment. Natural Stone has its own since of permanence. Unlike synthetic products, natural stone is heavy and solid; once installed natural stone is difficult to be removed or stolen without purpose

A Myth that natural stone is expensive

Finally, many consumers have the misconception that stone countertops are outrageously expensive when compared to their synthetic counterparts. This is simply not true. When you stop to consider the beauty and durability that you will receive from granite or marble countertops, the value definitely outweighs the cost. Investing money in an inferior product that just has to be replaced in a few years may end up costing you more in the long run.