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Who Can Join Us?
How It Works
How Much Can Be Earned?
Terms and Conditions
Who Can Join Us?

Anyone who has a desire of earning money with a little effort can join us. We will be glad to assist these people in making their dollars.

How It Works

It is very simple: This is how it works

If you are our existing customer you have our contact details, which you can forward to your acquaintance and ask them to contact us for their natural stone needs. After referring us to them do not forget to ask them to mention your name so we know who referred this new customer and it will also help us in rewarding you with $100 cash if they get their kitchen/bathroom made from us. If you are suggesting someone online, you need to fill in the above form, so we also have the details of the person handy to cross check when they call. For suggesting someone online, it is not necessary to be a consumer of our products.

Suggesting someone verbally simply involves informing a person about the company in the form of a discussion. In this situation, we will be unaware of the fact that you have recommended an individual to us, in such a case, the person will have to inform us that you have suggested them about our company, so that you also receive your benefit. You can also go online and register about your reference. If they purchase products from us you will earn $100 cash.

How Much Can Be Earned?

We reward you with $100 cash for each reference as long as they get their kitchen/bathroom countertops made from us. If they just enquire but do not get the kitchen made from us, unfortunately at that time you are not eligible for this reward.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Do not forgot to register online and leave your most upto date details so we can contact you if you are eligible.
  2. You are eligible only when your reference gives us the full job of manufacturing kitchen/bathroom countertops, if we don’t get the job we will not be able to reward you and that reference will not count.
  3. Please do not call us to confirm the status of the job of your reference.
  4. You will get your reward after the job is finished and installed.
  5. We must know about the reference before we quote otherwise we will not be able to honour it.
  6. You or your household member cannot be a referrer or referee.