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Care of Natural Stone

Baasar Stones provides slabs and tiles of Marble, Granite and Sandstone in various sizes to complement and enhance the character and beauty of your home.

There are multiple creative applications of Granite and Marble but most commonly Marble and Granite is used in flooring, elevations or in kitchens as bench tops, counter tops, splash backs etc or in your bathroom as a stylish vanity, around your Jacuzzi, bath tub. Natural Stone can also be used as mantles for fireplaces or as noteworthy accent or feature wall.

So whether you are looking for a new granite or marble countertop for a new home, as part of a remodeling project, or need bulk orders for a commercial development, we're ready to help you. We encourage you to come see our outlet and give us the opportunity to provide you with our services. The highest quality and the most reliable service is our promise and over 15 years of experience in marble and granite countertops is our commitment to you.

First-time buyers are often confused or even disappointed when they see the marble or granite that they have chosen is not perfectly congruous to the sample they were shown. This is a common occurrence that cannot be avoided as, even on one slab, there may be a color variation present due to the natural processes that form each piece. This is part of a stone's allure and ensures that your property will not only be gorgeous but unique from any other. That is why at Baasar we will provide you with the necessary information you need to know in order to become an educated consumer.